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A King named Alcohol

There is a King named Alcohol…
He rules throughout the land
All he rules will surely fall…
Under the influence of his command

Behind the gates of insanity…
Is where his kingdom lies
The scorch of all humanity…
The king of your demise

Sip by sip he slithers in…
And soon he takes control
Drip by drip he will begin…
To rape you of your soul

He leaves behind a destructive path…
He spreads misery and pain
All he rules soon feels his wrath
Darkness follows this Kings rein

This evil King of whom I speak…
Does not discriminate
The young the old the strong the weak…
Fall prey for him to take

Recoil from gifts this King brings…
The most cunning King of all
More baffling and powerful than all the other Kings…
This King named Alcohol.

Gordon R.


AA Group that focuses on the 5th Tradition. Meets weekly on Saturday at 9:30 am EST. Zoom ID: 823 5985 8994 Password: New2AA

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