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Reasons We Come

We all have reasons why we come to AA
The results that we get are the reason we stay
We know we need help so we started to think
Those folks may show us ways to control how we drink

But most of come for a specific reason
We do it because the law needed pleasing
Or maybe to just get our spouse off our back
Or on doctor’s advice cause our liver was wacked

Our reason may differ but deep down we knew
We needed to change as our problems accrue
The job was in danger, the boss told us so
“You either get help or you will have to go”

But my reason for coming was not due to health
Not due to a judge or for fear for my wealth
I came so that I could my old self refind
The man that I was before booze took my mind

A sense of self loathing was my ticket in
Caring only for time with my vodka or gin
Let the world pass me by, I had just given up
When a thought filled my head, I had just had enough

The family was fearful, afraid I might drown
A daughter stopped letting her kids come around
My wife was still with me, but was at her wits end
As she watched her me continue to slowly descend

I thought back to the time when I had their respect
A husband, a father, there to always protect
The children were proud of me, so was my wife
That was before alcohol took over my life

I wanted to reclaim that man I had been
He still was there somewhere, though buried within
I knew by myself I had no way to cope
The rooms of AA had become my last hope

Some years have gone by and my life sure has changed
The grandkids come over we’re no longer estranged
My own kids are once again proud of their Dad
The wife’s pleased to see the man that she once had

Whenever the thought of drink enters my head
I quickly recount all my blessings instead
Removed are those days I spent lonely and glum
I refound myself, that’s the reason I come

Larry R.


AA Group that focuses on the 5th Tradition. Meets weekly on Saturday at 9:30 am EST. Zoom ID: 823 5985 8994 Password: New2AA

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