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I’ve heard it said the way you work the program of AA
Is like the way you build a house, the first thing you must lay
A foundation to insure you house will stand the test of time
A place to add on rooms to live and even steps to climb

In life our own foundation starts when we are just a child
Our parents try to guide us with affection and a smile
And there to teach us right from wrong and set off an alarm
When opting for which path to chose when one may cause us harm

For many years I felt secure, my own foundation sound
Career was on an upward path, family life on solid ground
The wife, three kids, a lovely home, two cars in the garage
It stayed that way for many years, till drinking once took charge

It happened over quite a while, most time I had control
Could drink and stop before John Barleycorn could take his toll
But as the years progressed some occasions did arise
When I would drink more than my friends and not just socialize

At first, when this occurred, I’d tell myself “it’s no big deal”
A one-off situation I could easily repeal
My foundation was still strong, I could control the way I drank
Yet little did I know I was about to walk the plank

These times of excess drinking began to happen more and more
Each time I’d tell myself it was the end, I even swore
And to the outside world, I would pretend I‘m still on track
But inside me, I knew that my foundation had some cracks

So, naturally as things got worse, foundation starts to crumble
The thought that I had lost control should perhaps have made me humble
Instead, I told myself a lie, I’m not an alcoholic
And cast away all thoughts that I considered vitriolic

I can’t explain exactly what occurred to change my thinking
I knew I had to do something for I was surely sinking
I knew AA was where most people went to find a cure
But what I did not know was that it offered so much more

I heard talk that the program of AA needs a foundation
A solid slab on which to build a path to our salvation
It has to start with number One, requires an admission
That alcohol was in control, beat us into submission

Steps Two and Three add strength to the foundation that we started
We learn that we need outside help to have old ways discarded
Without the first three Steps secured our chances of success
Are very slim and usually will lead us to regress

So, we admit we’ve lost control and drinking makes us cower
We ask for help from folks like us and from a Higher Power
With these three Steps achieved we can proceed to do the rest
Our foundation firmly set in place, a gift we now possess.

Larry R.


AA Group that focuses on the 5th Tradition. Meets weekly on Saturday at 9:30 am EST. Zoom ID: 823 5985 8994 Password: New2AA

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