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The music of you…

There are things being accomplished at this moment in time of which we are not aware. In perfect, divine timing God is working out the details, arranging and designing His perfect will for our lives. You don’t have to believe that this second now, but just for a moment act as if it were true.

Picture this: God’s will, His plan for your life is like a score of music. The piece is perfectly written. The sheet of music is representative of your life song, your journey. Some believe that our very DNA is a strand that represents a musical chord. Therefore, every one of us carries a unique spiritual song in our soul.

So we go along and hit all the notes as written and God’s will and our will are aligned as one. We know this when things flow, doors open and acceptance is present. Then suddenly, we decide to take our will back and sing some random note or maybe several random notes. We are no longer in the flow of life but have taken a stance of opposition to our highest good. We know this because we become fearful and controlling producing a cacophony of discord. But, because God is God; the moment we turn back to His sheet of music harmony is restored……He instantaneously rearranges the musical score to include our random note of self will and it is still a masterpiece of musical genius.

The musical score of your life may have started in the lowest notes of the scale. I don’t know that we get to pick the sheet of music; that one is still out for debate by more learned minds than mine. There may have been many pauses (silences) as tragedy seemed to prevail and life seemed at best unjust.

But like the greatest musical scores ever written, they usually originate from a place of heartache, desperation and fear into a crescendo of victory and love. The notes carry us from tragedy to triumph. Perhaps this is why it is stated that “pain is the pathway to peace”.

God’s work in us is being manifested moment by moment in this plane. He uses EVERYTHING to His glory, yes, even the bad stuff;; yes, even other people’s stuff to accomplish His purpose. He is God after all!! God is in the details. He resides in the nano-seconds and millimeters of life.

Each day, each moment, in each and every circumstance we, you and I have the opportunity to choose His will over our own. Every day, every moment, every circumstance we make a decision and then act by aligning our will with God’s or not. It is a choice by which we can experience the perfect peace that passeth understanding and the serenity that comes with surrender even in the storm.
God alone knows your heart, your past, your future. If you or I could have learned these lessons on the spiritual plane as spirit we would have. But the understanding is there are spiritual lessons that can only be learned in the physical and that is why we are here. Our perfect self has always been in the Mind of God.

Give Him permission to conduct the most beautiful musical score ever written. The music of you….

Angie M.


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