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Envy’s Enemy

I’ve heard it said PRIDE leads the list of seven deadly sins
That may be true most of the time, it’s where our faults begin
Yet, there is still another one that shares its claim to fame
This one can make us feel depressed and ENVY is its name

Most folks will have, from time to time, these thoughts that make them sad
They see the car they dreamed about and wish it’s what they had
And as the car goes out of view, the thought soon disappears
They start to think of other things, their minds have shifted gears

But not so those with our disease, don’t make them go away
We tend to get obsessed at why life’s treated us this way
Then pity rears its ugly head and tells us that we lose
The way we know to compensate is with a glass of booze

My alcoholic mind has often led me down this road
Of wanting what I did not have, not getting what I’m owed
He world is mean, its people wrong, give me what I deserve
For if you don’t, I’ll have to drink to settle down my nerves

That is the way I used to think before I joined AA
It happens very rarely now, the Steps have shown the way
When ENVY strikes, I recognize it and know what to do
I turn my thoughts to gratitude for all that has come true

Just recently my brother had us over for a bite
To show off the new house he built, a real impressive sight
The business that he’d started had become a huge success
So, he could now delight in all the splendor he possesses

We have a lovely evening but on leaving felt disturbed
I knew he built he business and deserved what he had earned
But, I’m the older brother, why should he have more than me
It’s then my AA training lit a light to help me see

For all his worldly prizes some important ones were missing
His son and he have not been close, relationship’s been drifting
His daughter has not talked to him for nigh on 15 years
He was no grandkids coming by to fill his house with cheers

That made me think of what I have instead of what I’ve not
Three kids, six lovely grandkids, they come over quite a lot
We gather round on holidays, at their home or at ours
To eat and laugh, enjoying time and grateful for these hours

So, there it is, the enemy of ENVY, loud and clear
It’s GRATITUDE, that’s what it takes to make it disappear
Now any time I’m envious of what others may possess
I have to stop, let gratitude help keep those thoughts suppressed

There will always be those people who have better stuff than me
A fancy boat, and airplane, a mansion by the sea
While all of that is fine it goes for naught is something’s lacking
The gratitude for what we have that stops ENVY attacking

Larry R.


AA Group that focuses on the 5th Tradition. Meets weekly on Saturday at 9:30 am EST. Zoom ID: 823 5985 8994 Password: New2AA

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