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Waiting at A Red Light

While driving home the other day without a need to speed
I saw a traffic light ahead and continued to proceed
Although there was no reason that could justify my flight
A voice inside my head said that I just had to make that light

I saw it turn to yellow and knew soon it would be red
My first thought was to run it, but I stopped at it instead
And as I sat there waiting for this object to turn green
My fingers tapped upon the dash, I cursed that damn machine

This bloody light is way too long, my time is being wasted
My self-absorbent thinking only made me more frustrated
It’s then my AA training helped my thought to rearranged
Impatience only makes it worse, accept what I can’t change

That made me think about how my whole life had been that way
Each time I wanted something new I needed it that day
I could not stand to wait in line when at the hardware store
Why can’t these cashiers hurry up, what are they waiting for

And when I wanted to feel good, I had no time to waste
A glass or two of alcohol would get me to that place
Beer and wine were social drinks, they did not do the trick
Whiskey, gin or vodka when I wanted fixing quick

These tendencies did not abate when I first joined AA
I wanted what was promised and I want it right away
But change did not come quickly, so my frustration grew
I needed help to understand what other members knew

My sponsor told me to relax, I had a path to climb
He said some things that puzzled me, a thing like “time takes time”
The program’s not a sprint, he said, more like a marathon
But day by day, like mile by mile, old thinking gets withdrawn

But I’m in need of fixing now, I can’t afford to wait
My life’s a mess and I hear others say how life is great
That’s what I want, I want it now, what do I have to do
Keep coming back and you’ll get there within a year or two

A year or two, is that a joke, I cannot wait that long
I’ll surely end up drunk again, I’m really not that strong
He said to me, that’s why WE’RE here, support you as we should
And while you try, repeat these words, “not feeling bad is good”

Then as he spoke, a light went on, it helped me comprehend
To get to where I wished to be, I needed time to mend
And as I did, be grateful that my life had gotten better
Be patient, more will be revealed, enjoy life’s simple pleasurers

These days I still have times when my impatience takes command
When something or some person won’t submit to my demands
It’s then I need to take a breath and think about that light
It’s red right now, but will turn green, so don’t get so uptight

Larry R.


AA Group that focuses on the 5th Tradition. Meets weekly on Saturday at 9:30 am EST. Zoom ID: 823 5985 8994 Password: New2AA

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