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The Other 23

The chairman says we must begin, the meeting has to start
We pray for our serenity, our worries to discard
And next we hear just “How It Works”, and we believe it’s true
Good things will surely come to us if we will follow through

Then someone reads a page or two, some passage from our Book
To help us to remember what our founders said it took
To end this life of misery and live one that is free
From the horror of our past and it begins on bended knee

We go around the room and say our name and why we’re here
Some say it’s due to what they smoke while others say it’s beer
But booze or drugs, it matters not, we know we have to face
It’s time we came to realize we’re all in the right place

And one by one, we start to share and let our fellows know
The things we’ve done, both bad and good, and let our true self show
If ever we’re to change our ways and hope to make it stick
We must begin to open up and learn to drop the brick

We’ve reached the end, our time is up, the chips have been passed out
It’s time to go our separate ways, but not forget about
What we have learned, this hour past, for we cannot foresee
The things that we may have to face in the next twenty-three

We drive away and before long some jerk cuts in our lane
We want to yell and beep our horn and somehow cause him pain
Just then one of the Steps kicks in and we begin to calm
Repeat the prayer we said before and save us both from harm

We stop our drive and go to buy some items at a store
But when we pay the clerk miscounts and we end up with more
More change that we’re entitled to, we can’t believe our luck
Then realize what we’d give up if we kept those few bucks

It’s easy to feel safe and good each time we’re at a meeting
An hour spent to help us keep our old ways from repeating
But when it’s done, we can’t forget, there is no guarantee
We need to live our program in the other twenty-three.

Larry R.


AA Group that focuses on the 5th Tradition. Meets weekly on Saturday at 9:30 am EST. Zoom ID: 823 5985 8994 Password: New2AA

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