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You Can’t Rush Trust

His wife had been away on a four-day business trip
She’d done the same thing many times and each time he would slip
Alone the bottle called to him and he’d answer the call
Buy this time he resisted, ‘twas determined not to fall

He had not had a drink for almost 30 hard fought days
And in his mind his abstinence would surely bring him praise
He told his wife that he stayed dry the whole time she was gone
Instead of praise, she doubted him, accused him of a con

She said you’ve lied so many times, I really can’t believe
A thing you say, heard it before, the many tales you’ve weaved
No matter how he tried to say “this time it’s really true”
She shook her head, went off to bed, and left him feeling blue

He shared this at a meeting, still hurting from its sting
Deep down he knew he’d earned her wrath, results his drinking brings
He sought advise from some of us, to get her to believe
That this time he was serious, afraid that she might leave

His story’s not uncommon, we’ve all known our share of doubt
From those who care the most for us, who try to figure out
If we had reached THE bottom, were committed to AA
Not just attend the meetings, really live the AA way

Recovery from alcohol takes time and dedication
We start out beat, alone, confused, estranged from our relations
But our program is a process, not an overnight repair
The same holds true for those we love, the ones that really care

Time takes time, the saying goes, and for us that holds true
We can’t expect our families not to doubt the things we do
They’ve heard us promise many times that this will be the last
They try and wish that it is true, then get their wishes smashed

Our words cannot convince them to believe that we have changed
Only time and how we act can show we’re not the same
As what we used to be when alcohol controlled our being
Talk is cheap, to gain their trust, the proof is in the seeing

Forgiveness comes more quickly; trust is something we must earn
Skeptical relations fear they someday may get burned
It’s up to us to show we’ve changed, for some it may take years
All we can do is stay the course, alleviate those fears

Once we KNOW that we’re all in, our drinking days are through
We let the program be our guide, good actions to accrue
And as they see us living free their thinking will adjust
Be patient, it will come to pass, you just cannot rush trust.

Larry R.


AA Group that focuses on the 5th Tradition. Meets weekly on Saturday at 9:30 am EST. Zoom ID: 823 5985 8994 Password: New2AA

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