7th Tradition

The Early Sobriety Group observes the 7th Tradition which states:

“Every group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

Since we are a virtual Group, we have a “virtual basket”, for accepting electronic contributions.

​The money we collect is used to carry the message to alcoholics outside our Group and helps to ensure a permanent haven for alcoholics not yet born, to find in A.A. that rebirth that brought us back to life.

Please contribute through PayPal, Venmo or Zelle to our Group’s Treasurer in one of the 6 options available:

1. https://venmo.com/EarlySobrietyGroup (Venmo)

2. EarlySobrietyGroup (Venmo)

3. service4unity@gmail.com (Zelle)

4. https://paypal.me/earlysobrietygroup (PayPal)

5. earlysobrietygroup (PayPal)

6. Click here for a quick link access to contribute (through PayPal)

PayPal QR Code
PayPal QR Code
Venmo QR Code
Venmo QR Code

***Please note that this Group only accepts contributions from AA members***

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