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How can we properly “Carry the Message” unless we know what the AA message is? The focus of this group each and every week will be to study and understand Pamphlets & other Conference-Approved Literature. This is an “Open Meeting” for those just entering into recovery, fresh out of treatment or those returning to the rooms of AA. This meeting will also benefit those doing CPC/PI service work or those new to Sponsorship. Family members wanting to learn about recovery are welcome.

This group isn’t just for the newcomer to recovery. It is also for the newcomer to service. Part of our group’s vision is to help those without service experience gain some of that very experience, as well as the confidence and self-esteem that goes with it. Our more experienced members in service support those without the experience to help them gain it. They act as mentors to help ensure the Traditions and Concepts are upheld by the inexperienced trusted servant.

Saturdays @ 9:30am EST
Zoom Meeting ID: 823 5985 8994
Password: New2AA