Suggestions if You Are New to A.A.

  • Introduce yourself to at least 4 people you don’t know
  • Pick a Group you can attend regularly and let them get to know you.
  • Get a Sponsor, even if it’s a temporary one, to get you going on the Steps.
  • Get the phone # of the local A.A. Office near you. In Jacksonville, the 24 hour # is 904-399-8535.
  • Learn where/how to find meeting (online or in-person). Click here to see a list of meetings in Jacksonville.
  • Try to arrive early and introduce yourself to the Chairperson and others in attendance.
  • If you can do ALL these things for 90 days, everyday, you will learn how to stay sober long enough to work the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Pamphlet P-2 “FAQ About A.A.”
Pamphlet P-24 “A Newcomer Asks”