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The Road to Humility

The word ego is actually the Latin word for “I”
That makes a lot of sense when you decide to wonder why
Our ego makes us do things that we may come to regret
Like boasting of our exploits when we use the internet

When kept under control it’s very healthy to posses
It’s what makes us unique, it helps our talents to progress
A measure of self-confidence we need to venture out
When starting a new venture where success may be in doubt

But once out of control, the ego takes another path
It leads us to become someone who soon will feel its wrath
It cons us into thinking we are always in the right
When challenged we lash out and become ready for a fight

When told we’re drinking way too much, we say it isn’t true
We say “you are mistaken and you haven’t got a clue “
Our ego tells us they are wrong, we’re strong enough to quit
We just don’t want to at this time, we’ll slow down just a bit

But slowing down don’t seem to work, in fact it’s gotten worse
We start to hide it from our friends, and then we start to curse
Those people passing judgement, make us start to feel ashamed
It’s then we finally realize that our ego is to blame

To us the word humility is not our egos friend
It tears apart what we’ve believed, it wants us to pretend
That all is well, ignore the fact that we’ve lost all control
Until we hear that desperation bell begin to toll

For some of us we had to lose the things we held most dear
The spouse, the job, the car we wrecked, our life consumed with fear
Yet other still have reached this point without those other things
We’ve hit a bottom, none the less, the misery it brings

It’s called humiliation, so ashamed what we’ve become
Inside we feel no different than the lowly sidewalk bum
It’s at those final moments that the ego must be smashed
If we will have a chance to live, before all hope is dashed

For most of us humility was not an easy task
Potholes filled the road we took, we stumbled to get past
Our ego keeps us off that road till we admit defeat
Put it aside and ask for help, acknowledge we’ve been beat

Humility’s a virtue, humiliation a disease
One brings us back our self-respect, the other to our knees
Us alcoholics need to go through one to reach the other
The road to reach humility and help us to recover

Larry R.

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Releasing Control

My need to control arises out of my opinions. My opinions originate as a result of my judgments. My judgments come out of my thinking. My thinking prior to recovery comes out of my self-centered fears.

In order to find Serenity, I have to make a decision to examine and let go of my self-centered fears in order to change the thinking which creates the judgments which lead to my opinions which bring about my constant and impossible need to control.


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A King named Alcohol

There is a King named Alcohol…
He rules throughout the land
All he rules will surely fall…
Under the influence of his command

Behind the gates of insanity…
Is where his kingdom lies
The scorch of all humanity…
The king of your demise

Sip by sip he slithers in…
And soon he takes control
Drip by drip he will begin…
To rape you of your soul

He leaves behind a destructive path…
He spreads misery and pain
All he rules soon feels his wrath
Darkness follows this Kings rein

This evil King of whom I speak…
Does not discriminate
The young the old the strong the weak…
Fall prey for him to take

Recoil from gifts this King brings…
The most cunning King of all
More baffling and powerful than all the other Kings…
This King named Alcohol.

Gordon R.