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A meeting that I go to every Sunday with-out fail
Is filled with good sobriety, the make up only male
We recited the preamble, stated our names and meditated
From there the meeting’s open, no set topic designated

I’ve found in meetings just for men their shares are much more private
To tell us things about their lives in this securer climate
We talk of marriage, jobs and kids, reveal our inner feelings
Then hear that we are not unique, this knowledge aids our healing

And in this meeting, there’s a man, our Sunday morning guru
He has more sober time than most, he’s one we all look up to
The wisdom that he shares each week helps each of us to think
That we still have a lot to learn about what made us drink

A statement that he’s often made at first, I thought was strange
He said he disagreed with how we signified AA
Most often we used program when referring to our plan
But prefers a fellowship, an alcoholic clan

I had not joined AA to be a part of any club
I only came to learn how I could stay out of the pub
I was not looking for new friends, associate or buddy
I needed to see how this worked, twas only here to study

My plan had not work out that well, I had to change my thinking
I’d gone to meetings for some time, yet I continued drinking
I told this to another guy that asked me if I had a sponsor
I told him no, I did not have one, he said that’s why you wonder

This journey does not start with I, instead it starts with WE
To combat old John Barleycorn and finally set you free
You need to join the fellowship to keep your hopes afloat
The best way is to get into the middle of the boat

I asked that he explain to me exactly what that meant
These sayings that you fellows use confuse to some extent
Imagine that you’re on a boat, the waves start to collide
Your chance of staying safe is if you sit on the inside

The same hold true with alcohol, when you go it alone
The bottle’s there to pick you off, sobriety is blown
You need the help of other drunks to make sure you don’t slip
There’s something there to help you out, it’s called the fellowship

A light went on, and from that day, I made the choice to act
To get a sponsor, make some friends, become part of the pack
Meet with them outside the rooms, for lunch or football games
Get numbers when I need to call for times when I feel strained

A program is a set of steps you take to reach a goal
And I need that to keep me safe, secure and in control
But more than that, I need to know, before I lose my grip
I have a most important gift, the AA fellowship.

Larry R.

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No More Fun

When I first joined the fellowship, I had a few concerns
Not knowing much about AA, was fearful when I learned
That if I wanted what they had, I’d really have to change
And rid myself of my old ways, completely rearrange

The first thing I heard someone say, I did not comprehend
He said that they had found a way to never drink again
Not ever, ever drink again, that’s not why I came here
To get the wife off of my back and moderate my beer

The next thought that caused me to fret, enticing me to run
If I could never drink again, a life with no more fun
Life would be dull, enjoyment gone, the good times never more
For life without my alcohol, I’d turn into a bore

I’d think about the many times where drinking was a part
Those fishing trips and football games, a drink the way to start
Or sitting on my favorite bar and drinking with my friends
I’d miss all that and think of how I wished it would not end

But while I sat and reminisced about those fun filled days
Some other thoughts came in my mind and real concerns were raised
Like when I went to watch a game, some guys I went to meet
When half time came, I looked the fool, passed out there in my seat

I thought about another time, a fun time at the bar
On my way home, I hit a tree and ruined my new car
Police arrived, they checked me out, I knew they could not fail
To see that I was very drunk, away I went to jail

It took some time for me to see and finally realize
That what I thought was having fun was trouble in disguise
And at that time, a light came on, and then I understood
My drinking I could not control and knew I never would

Back in the rooms I took to heart what others had to say
Keep coming back, put in the work, get on your knees and pray
And before long, to my surprise, things did begin to change
The stuff that once had baffled me now did not seem so strange

I came to see a different way to live, my life at peace
And with that came a benefit, my troubles start to cease
Now when I’m at a football game or fishing on the sea
I’m there to just enjoy the day, sober, calm and free

When I think back to those first days, I find myself amused
No fun, I thought, but now I laugh, how I was so confused
It’s not the booze that made times great, the good times just begun
Enjoy each day, the things you do, a sober life IS FUN.

Larry R.