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Fear and Faith

I was standing in the darkness alone and full of fear… I was overcome with sadness as my eyes began to tear.

Fear had cast its shadow, of sorrow and despair…
Driven by a hundred forms, fear was everywhere.

Fear had paralyzed me, fear had froze me in my tracks…
I was mesmerized, demoralized, I was slipping through the cracks.

Fear was like a cyclone swirling, whirling, in my head… The fabric of our existence, an evil and corroding thread.

My self reliance failed me, so I called upon my faith… I asked my higher power to rid me of this wraith.

At once I had commenced, to feel an inner strength… The courage and the faith to go to any length

Fear was now a fancied foe who fought a futile fight… For faith had flung a fatal blow, as darkness soon returned to light.

The faith that I was seeking was with me all the way… I all but had forgotten, all I need to do is pray.

Gordon R.