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As members share about the paths they took along the way
To free themselves from booze or drugs, a life in disarray
We notice that they’re not always the same for every member
Except in the beginning were we all had to surrender

Surrender starts the journey to regain the life we lost
Once alcohol controlled our lives, we paid a heavy cost
The Steps we’re told, a pathway, to a better way to live
Contained within a program that will have so much to give

The paths we choose may differ, but they all share some proceedings
We’re told to get a sponsor, work the steps and come to meetings
From there it’s up to us just how we do the deal each day
And be willing to accept advice from other in AA

While most rely on prayer and God to help with their addiction
Atheists Higher Power uses the Group for their affliction
The agnostic is not sure a Supreme Being hears their prayer
But prays to something anyway and hope this something hears

Our AA tent is large enough for different points of view
As long as no one tries claim that only theirs is true
It was not all that long ago that drug addicts were banned
Today addicts are welcomed, we’re the same, we understand

Some folks need a daily meeting, others one a week
But most have a routine, helps them keep the peace they seek
It may be prayer and meditation, phone calls with some AA friends
Breakfast after meeting, all these things pay dividends

The path we chose to follow on our journey from addiction
Depends on our admission and an absolute conviction
That we are alcoholics, can be tempted, led astray
Unless we, without question, do that First Step every day.

Larry R.

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Remember The Good

We hear it all the time about the ways to stop a slip
Call your sponsor, go to meetings, don’t take that first sip
Bring to mind your last adventure, how it ended up
They all help you stop from picking up that fatal cup

But remembering how bad things were is not the only way
To strengthen your resolve to make it through another day
There is another path you can consider, and you should
It helps you face temptation by remembering the good

The good we’ve gained through AA living comes in many forms
The first is when we wake without a headache every morn
And not having to apologize for what you did last night
Or not worry that you didn’t keep your bottles out of sight

Those things are fine reminders, how you’ve freed yourself of pains
But even better are the thoughts, reminders what you’ve gained
You’ve mended your relations with you family and your friends
Forgiven for wrongs you’ve done from making your amends

You’re driving in your car and then a cop pulls in behind
But you’ve no need to worry, does not even cross your mind
Respect you’ve gained from colleagues and from members of AA
And most of all the self-respect you’d lost along the way

These benefits seemed out of reach as you approached your bottom
Yet they had all come true, be ever grateful that you got’em
Hold on to them, keep doing all those things you know you should
And when temptation comes begin remembering the good

Larry R.