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Promises of NOT working the Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

If we are NOT painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be drunk before we leave the parking lot.
We are going to know a new pain and a new misery.
We will regret our deeds and repeat them over and over.
We will comprehend the word chaos and we will know calamity. No matter how far down the road we stagger, we will still wonder where we are going.
That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will intensify.
We will lose interesting things and gain relations with strange fellows.
Self-seeking will be constant.
Our whole attitude will be on the lookout for the cops.
Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us – homeless. We will intuitively know how to stay drunk with little or no money. We will suddenly begin to think that God does not exist.
Are these extravagant promises?
Probably not.
They are being practiced daily, sometimes insanely, sometimes deadly.
They will continue to happen if we keep drinking.

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HOPE is the laughter where once there was none, reposes the gloom of the glowering glum…

HOPE is the newcomer succumbed to submission, who’s journey is launched with an honest admission…

HOPE is the promises we read in our book, good will for the painstaking measures we took…

HOPE is the rooms where we humbly share, hands held as one as we close with a prayer…

HOPE is the big book covered in blue, it’s primary purpose still tried and true…

HOPE is a power far greater than me, wiser and stronger than I’ll ever be…

HOPE is the new life we’ve all come to find, 12 simple steps, one day at a time.

Gordon R.