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We’re only as sick, as the secrets we keep…
Abandon the burden you bare.
Into our spirit our secrets will seep…
Deep in the bowels of our soul they will lair.

Surrender your shame,
be purged of the pain,
of the secrets that still taunt you…
Begone of the blame,
rise to reclaim…
Freedom from the ghosts of the past, that still haunt you.

Dispose of all your dark and deepest,
your soul is where your secret lies…
It is unwise to harbor secrets,
for secrets tend to turn to lies.

Do not carry to the grave,
the secrets you hold deep…
Don’t let yourself become a slave,
to the secrets that you keep.

Do you have a secret, that you need to tell?
Is there something lurking at the bottom of your well?
Do you hold a secret, that tears you up inside?
Are you fettered by fear that festers, from secrets that you hide?

Obsessed and oppressed,
by secrets we’re hiding…
Secrets we’ve suppressed,
are emotions we’re denying.
Restless, irritable, and discontented, are the fruits our secrets reap…
We’re only as sick, as the secrets we keep.

Gordon R