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No “First Drink” Serenity Prayer

My Higher Power and God of My Understanding

Serenity to accept that I am an Alcoholic
and that I am helpless and powerless over alcohol.

Courage, willingness and the ability to change my
thinking, my attitude and actions concerning alcohol
and not drinking – Today!

Wisdom to know that You are my Higher Power
and only with Your help, am I able to not take that
“first drink” today and stay sober today!

God, Grant me Your Grace
To accept I am powerless to not drink on my own will.
And the Wisdom to know that after my “First Drink”,
I am not the same person who promised . . .
“I will not drink today”!
Unfortunately, I would continue to drink and drink.

It Is . . . Only One Day at a Time!
Today … I will not drink that “First Drink”

James Patrick M.