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A song comes on the radio, a tune we used to sing
It stirs up joyful memories, a person, place or thing
That first true love, a camping trip, a ski house in Vermont
The times we shared with friends inside our favorite restaurant

Yet, there are other memories we desire to forget
Our alcohol obsession, words and actions we regret
Both good and bad, they do arise, and then they fade away
Till someone or thing rekindles them and puts them on display

A member at a meeting shared what he was going through
He had not drank for thirty days, his program very new
He told of how each day a battle raged inside his head
The urge to drink still haunted him, was easily misled

He’d fought the urge and did not drink, then asked is someone knew
How long that he would be this way, what did he have to do
We’ve all been there, keep coming back, the other members said
It may take time, but be assured, there’s better days ahead

For me, those days are in the past, obsession’s been removed
Thanks to AA, my life today has greatly been improved
Rarely does a drinking thought ever get completed
When it occurs, before it sets, it’s readily depleted

His share was a reminder that I too had felt that way
Not knowing if I had the will to not drink one more day
It did take time, but slowly drinking thoughts began to fade
So, there I sat, unlike our friend, content I had it made

But then another thought arose, was subtlety implanted
I needed to remember not to take my GIFT for granted
Just because I have not had a drink for many years
I am not CURED, the demon hides somewhere between my ears

Another fellow joined a different meeting I attend
The story that he told was very hard to comprehend
He had been dry for thirty years without attending meetings
He took one drink, and just like that, his old ways were repeating

It started with a beer or two, no harm, he had control
Within two week his life had changed, the liquor took its toll
Right back where he’d left off, alcohol consumed his thinking
He knew he must rejoin AA or end up dead from drinking

He’s been back in the program now for two successful years
Just like that other fellow it began with doubts and fears
He got a sponsor, worked the steps, and helped me to remember
That I still need to hear these things from other AA members

It’s good to be reminded of the time we were like them
Unsure if we would make it, would we ever start to mend
Reminders have a way to lead us to appreciation
And let us know we’re still in school, there is no graduation

Larry R.

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The Power of The Pause

We hear about a kit of tools to help us to get by
When life decides to intervene, our peace to nullify
A tool that is most useful, no matter what the cause
Is one that we have learned to use, the one that’s called the pause

While drinking most of us rejected turning from a fight
Weather physical or verbal since we knew that we were right
Our first instinct was to lash out and make them understand
That we were right and they were wrong, we made it a demand

The bad part of this action was it always made things worse
Tempers flared, bad things were said, we’d yell and start to curse
Then walk away and carry a resentment in our brain
And drink to help forget our way of thinking was insane

Once we turned the corner and our drinking days were through
We started to think differently, a better path pursue
When faced with situations that would cause us to react
We stop and think, before we speak, some words we can’t take back

By pausing when confronted by a person, place or thing
That sets us up to lash out, makes us want to take a swing
We take the time to contemplate and let our minds rehearse
If striking back will really help or only make things worse

This does not mean we must accept what others do or say
But we have learned, most times it’s best, to put those thoughts at bay
Restrain the natural impulse to avenge what we conceive
An offence directed towards us or insensitivity

By taking time to let things cool we often realize
The thing that had upset us melts away, desensitizes
Refusing to engage what would had been an altercation
We did not add to feelings that would harm future relations

A friend or spouse just sometimes may be having a bad day
Makes a careless comment, hurts our feelings, cause dismay
They may not have meant to say it, we decide to let it pass
We think of other times when we’re the one that was the ass

So, taking time to pause before we jumped into the fray
We avoided confrontation with our defect on display
Pausing gives us power just to do the next right thing
Practice what we have been taught, serenity is king.

Larry R.

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Which Wolf Do You Feed?

An elder Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, A fight is going on inside me. It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves.

One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, pride, and superiority.

The other wolf stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.

This same fight is going on inside of you and every other person too.
The children thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather, Which wolf will win?

The old Cherokee simply replied: The one I feed.