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One Step Back

Progress, not perfection as is stated in our Book
Is what we must pursue; therefore, we need to take a look
At how we are progressing, use the 10th Step as our guide
Evaluate our actions to insure we don’t backslide

To backslide does not only mean we took another drink
More times than not it happens by the way we sometimes think
Our defects or our shortcomings we prayed to take away
Keep coming back when we relent, our old ways on display

When we attend a meeting, for that hour we’re secure
Surrounded by our fellowship, no hardships to endure
It’s when we travel out that door the challenge will begin
It may be from some stranger or perhaps our next of kin

We go to an appointment that was set to start at nine
It’s nearly 10 and we still sit, we feel we’ve been maligned
Our thoughts become unsettled; agitation now increased
We produce a verbal insult, old behavior’s been released

We’re asked to just be patient since the doctor we’re to see
Was tending to a patient with a real emergency
So, we sit down and start to think about the way we acted
And how we let the teachings from our Program get distracted

We took a small step backwards, did not think or did not care
To use a thing that we’d been taught, the first part of a prayer
To accept this thing we could not change, ‘twas out of our control
So, say the prayer and reconnect with patience as our goal

It matters not how long it’s been since last we had a drink
Impatience, aggravation still can change the way we think
It’s what we do when this occurs, a choice we have to make
One leads back to serenity, the other to mistakes

The one step back can not be change so what we need to do
To compensate for what we’ve done, we need not one but two
Two steps forward to get us back to where we need to be
Back on the journey we began towards our serenity

The first step is to recognize our part in what we did
Discard the though that we’d been wronged, stop acting like a kid
And once we’ve understood our part, our conscience to inspect
We need to take some action for this issue to correct

To promptly say that we were wrong is difficult to do
Ego tells us, “Don’t go there”, a childish point of view
Our program tells us that we must amend for our misdeeds
Acknowledge our misconduct and be willing to proceed

Apologize to those we have offended or aggrieved
Clear the air of tension that our actions had conceived
It takes both steps to rectify the prudence that we lack
Each time we let resentment let us take that one step back

Larry R.

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Step Zero

I heard a member say a thing that I had never heard
He opened up our meeting with a statement, quite absurd
We know they’re only twelve steps in the program of AA
It came as a surprise to hear what this man had to say

Officially they’re only twelve, he made that very clear
But to his way of thinking, there’s another we should hear
He called the thing Step Zero, was convinced that it was real
The step before we did the Steps, the Ones that helped us heal

According to the speaker it’s a step we all have taken
It started when our will to give up booze had been forsaken
But, unlike the other twelve where you do one and then the next
We often times repeat this step under a false pretext

We tell ourselves that we can stop at any time we choose
If things get bad, we make a vow, of giving up the booze
Then bad things come, we shrug them off, a victim of bad luck
Arrested for a DUI, a wrong turn in our truck

That should have been a wake-up call, we might just have some problems
But then our thinking takes a turn, we know just how to solve them
We’ll only drink when we’re at home and maybe cut back it back
The spouse comes home at 2PM, we’re passed out in the sack

What used to be a pleasant thing has turned into obsession
We can not stop, it speaks to us, a victim of possession
Controls our thoughts and actions, has become our evil hero
Dictating we keep tethered to this thing some called step zero

When mired in this step it often seems there’s no way out
Until we reach the point where we’ve no choice except to shout
Please help us, someone, we‘re done, just can-not live this way
We’re willing to do anything, might even try AA

Moving past step zero is a harrowing event
We fought this change for so long, our exposure to prevent
Admitting we were hopeless and surrender to defeat
Unsure of the reaction from those people that we’ll meet

To our surprise, they welcomed us, invited us to stay
A fellowship of folks like us, to show us a new way
To put that step behind us, find serenity and fun
It all begins the moment we decide to take Step One.

Larry R.

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12 Steps In Reverse – Road to Relapse

12= Having detached ourselves spiritually as a result of ignoring these Steps, we let our fellow alcoholics fend for themselves and practiced these principles sporadically.
11= Let our conscious contact with G-d as we understood Him lapse by praying only in emergencies for our will to be carried out.
10= Slacked off on personal inventory and when we were wrong, denied or hid it.
9= Reasoned that no one had been hurt by us more than we had been hurt by them and called it even.
8= Made a game of rationalizing the harm we had done others.
7= Sang “I’ve Gotta Be Me”.
6= Decided that our defects of character were too much fun to give up.
5= Denied to ourselves, to G-d and to everybody else that we had ever done anything harmful.
4= Quickly cast a weak flashlight over our moral inventory and decided it was more fun to take yours.
3= Made a decision to keep our will and our lives totally in our own control.
2= Came to believe that since our troubles were of our own making, we would have to solve them without outside help.
1= We decided that we could control alcohol, that our lives were manageable after all.